Ian Cook is a contemporary British artist, internationally renowned for his unique form of creating artwork – painting with radio controlled cars, actual car tyres and toy car wheel instead of paintbrushes.

Graduating with a first class degree in Fine Art Painting, Ian has a quirky edge and has always described his artwork as ‘a friendly explosion of colour'. Ian and his fleet of paint splattered cars can be seen creating artwork at popular motoring shows and events.

Ian’s unique process of painting started for 3 main reasons; 

  1. Fundamentally, he is a car and motorsports enthusiast, 

  2. He has trained and always wanted to be an artist,

  3. For Christmas in 2006, he was bought a radio-controlled car and was told: "Don’t take it down the studio and don’t get paint on it."  Soooo, he did...and POPBANGCOLOUR was born.

Since 2007, Ian has combined his passion for cars and art, creating a range of artworks and projects. Highlights include painting a portrait the size of a 3-storey building, breaking a Guinness World record and having artwork featured on Top Gear alongside other shows.

Ian continues to travel the globe with a suitcase full of paint covered R/C cars, when not painting in the POPBANGCOLOUR studio.