Over the years painting and drawing flowers has developed from an interest into a passion. I wanted to experiment with working on a larger scale whilst still capturing detail, character and delicacy.

For myself, the larger scale creates a feeling of being encompassed in pure colour and sensuous shapes, some of which are often passed over seen in a smaller scale. I allow the subject itself to direct which value to focus on, for example sometimes the vibrancy of a flower means only colour will reflect its impact and dynamism, other times the contrast of light and shade are so intense that this brief moment in nature has to be studied and captured in full.

Symmetry in nature is fundamental to its being. I find this fascinating; symmetry is a perfect, harmonious structure of an object which can be divided into equal shapes and sizes. By using images of sections of earlier paintings I am creating new symmetry based work, repeating shapes, colours and textures, creating six duplicate images on one canvas building a kaleidoscopic likeness.