Cleo Barbour is a Brighton based artist and designer producing colourful graphic illustrations, prints, embroidery art and a collection of fun-loving accessories.

Cleo travels the world to photograph colourful architecture, powerful ocean scenes and tropical landscapes which she brings home to inspire new work.  Spectacular use of colour is Cleo’s trademark and her work is recognised for it’s eye-catching colour combinations.  A fascination with Art Deco design also plays a major role in her work. She combines vibrant colours with deco inspired geometric patterns to create striking prints and illustrations.

Combining her background as a shoe designer with a passion for embellishment, Cleo designs a collection of Cleo B sneaker accessories which are sold alongside her artworks.  The collection of shoe ornaments are a playful way of customising your laces, allowing the wearer to embellish their shoes with a small piece of art.  

Cleo carries out UK based and international projects, collaborations and commissions,  producing the main body of her work in a studio in Brighton, U.K.